Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc.  It would be our privilege to provide you with your investigative needs.  The services of a private investigator play a critical role in the process of law.  Choosing the right agency is as important as choosing the right legal representative.  At Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc. we hold to the highest ethical standards and are committed to providing you the professional services and expertise necessary to handle sensitive matters.

We are a Justice Administration Commission Member

Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc. has investigated international and local headline news stories.  As a result of our investigative diligence and our commitment to being advocates of the truth, our investigations have altered the outcome of many otherwise bleak cases.  Our services have been credited to having wrongful arrests and convictions overturned, death penalty decisions to be granted appeals, led to arrests in unsolved homicides, reunited abducted and run-away children to their parents, recovery of loses due to copy right infringements, recovery of multimillion dollar assets, and much more.  Law professionals, judges, law enforcement professionals, businesses, celebrities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and politicians have utilized the services of Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc. for private matters.  Prodigy Investigative Group Inc. also provides services for the Justice Administration Commission as part of the conflict defense team.

Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc. is based on professionalism, thoroughness, and integrity, principles which guide every one of our investigations.  We take pride in our services and personally conduct the investigations.  We do not use subcontract or intern investigators to manage cases.  Our philosophy is that the case our clients entrust us with may be the most significant matter in their life and we will treat it as the most significant in ours and not leave the results to chance by having detached or untrained investigators.  Our investigative techniques have earned recognition from law professionals, government corporations, and private clients resulting in repeat and referral business.


Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc.

From general investigations to the most sophisticated investigation, Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc. will exceed your expectations.  We are the standard in investigations.

Our Mission
Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to each and every client. We strive to accomplish the objectives that our clients have entrusted to us, while always maintaining the highest degree of honesty, integrity, ethics and setting ourselves apart from others.