Our Investigation Victories

Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc. has discovered significant discrepancies in numerous cases that have been overlooked by law enforcement, State’s Attorney Office, attorneys, and other private investigative agencies. In one such case, a notorious death penalty case was seeking its last appeal. With three previous private attorneys and investigators, Gent uncovered significant discrepancies, falsified documents, payoffs, and reciprocal discovery that was not provided to defense. These discoveries were credited to an appeal being granted.

In an attempted homicide case, our knowledge with firearms and analysis of the discovery revealed discrepancies in the case. As a result, Gent proved a defendant was wrongfully arrested. Law enforcement re-opened the case which led to the arrest of the actual triggerman and justice was served.

A robbery case appeared to be open and shut. A low pixel surveillance camera had captured the crime and the business owner positively identified an individual from the surveillance footage as an employee. A crime scene investigation, which considered the angel of the camera to the position where the accused stood during the crime, reflected a discrepancy in the height of the perpetrator to the accused. Video enhancement from the surveillance footage proved the accused was not the perpetrator of the crime and was of another race and height of the accused. Charges were dropped and the actual perpetrator was arrested.

During one child custody battle, the non-custodial parent abducted the children and placed them in an unsafe environment where they were exposed to drugs and other crime. Gent and her team worked relentlessly around the clock and successfully located and secured the children.

A Fortune 500 company held the rights to a patent on equipment. They learned these rights may have been infringed upon. Gent went undercover and successfully gained access to the offender’s business and captured footage of the equipment and gained information the technology used to operate this equipment had also been taken. This resulted in a multi-million dollar law suit and led to the arrest of two of the Fortune 500 Company’s executives who sold the equipment and its technology formula to a competitor.

A 34 year old unsolved homicide case sat in the cold case files. Gent was hired to seek out a possible informant who had refused countless attempts for interviews over more than 3 decades. Gent successfully gained the trust of the informant who had provided significant information on the case which led to who order the hit of this 34 year old murder.

Sue Gent has had many cases such as these that have allowed the integrity of our justice system to triumphant.