The Private Investigative Industry

The education, testing, training, background checks, and certification process we go through as private investigators in order to obtain our licenses is meant to set us apart as individuals who are committed to professionalism. Our license does not grant us permission to conduct illegal activities in order to obtain information or evidence. We are bound to rigid codes of conduct dictated by the State of Florida.

Private investigators specialize in different types of investigations and use various methods to gather information and verify facts. The services of a skilled private investigator in their area of expertise is invaluable. A private investigator has gathered knowledge through hundreds of cases and has the resources to obtain obscure information that is not available to the general public.

A private investigator must be completely unbiased. Accepting discovery material at face value is a pitfall in many investigations. It contains blind spots, disputable evidence, withheld and overlooked evidence and should always be dissected with a scientific mindset. A skilled investigator must know what the standard operating procedures are that govern their State’s and local law enforcement agencies. It is not uncommon for there to be inaccuracies in the manner in which a case was handled by law enforcement. Private investigation revolves around gathering information, dissecting fact from fiction, and organizing the facts to present in a court of law. It requires extensive amounts of research analysis, field investigation, know how, understanding of the human psyche, and the ability to see things in the abstract. We must understand the evidentiary process and organize our fact finding so it will meet the criteria for the court.

Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc. possess the knowledge and skill to successfully obtain this objective. Our investigators are highly trained and educated specialist in investigation. Our clients rely on us for complete confidentiality, professional conduct and thoroughness. Providing the client with facts, equips them in making sound decisions, which could otherwise result in loss of capital, freedom or quality of life.

When considering an investigative agency select an organization who has proven success, experience, technology and the investigative techniques to deliver indisputable results with accuracy and in a timely manner.