Vincent Lyn, International Investigative Specialist

Vincent Lyn is a graduate of the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music majoring in piano performance and composition.

In 1999 Lyn was inducted into the World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame for making outstanding contributions to the field of Sports Medicine and also was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in two categories, one for Grandmaster of the year and Best Martial Arts Actor of the year. In 2001 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Since then he has been inducted over ten times into the Hall of Fame. In addition Lyn was the 1983-1984

Vincent Lyn

Vincent Lyn

U.S National Middleweight Kickboxing champion, and 1985and 1987 World Kickboxing champion.

Lyn is the CEO and Founder of Pro-Force Security Corp based in NYC which he started in 2003. He is in great demand as an expert in Corporate Security, Executive Protection & Threat Assessment along with all areas of Defensive Tactics, Knife Survival and Firearms disarming and training. He is also a Licensed Private Investigator, a Certified Police Instructor and Air Marshall Instructor by the Department of Air Security for the International Confederation of Police & Security Experts. As of 2016 he became a US Special Envoy to the United Nations. His most recent Rescue & Recovery Project to free child slaves from trafficking in West Africa. He continues to travel throughout the world giving lectures and seminars in the areas of his expertise.